Accordion Conveyor

Accordion conveyors I think are often over looked by most companies. Many companies prefer fixed framed conveyors because they feel they are sturdier and provide higher capacities.

Accordion conveyors come with a variety of rollers.


Black Polymer
Steel wheels

Gravity roller:


Accordion conveyors offer many standard features that are optional on fixed framed conveyors. Accordion conveyors offer adjustable legs, latching hooks and the ability to incorporate curves into the system. Accordion conveyors also compress for easy storage therefore eliminating dedicated floor space for a fixed system. The standard latches also allow multiple conveyors to be connected for one long span.

Accordion conveyors are great for unloading freight containers and other loose goods. With the increasing number of products being imported from China, accordion conveyor use should be increasing. Chinese imports generally come packed loose in containers without pallets there by causing the receiver to unload by hand. Accordion conveyors increase productivity and are ergonomically friendly for those unloading the containers.

Accordion conveyors generally have a capacity of 200 lbs per sq ft. The roller diversity also proves to be beneficial in many industries. Nylon rollers with plastic bearings are ideal for moist conditions and or refrigerated use. Nylon wheels don’t have bearings that need constant maintenance and wont seize or rust over time.

Steel wheels provide the higher capacities some companies may require. Motorized gravity wheels operate on DC drive motors with a 120VAC converter, delivering variable speeds of 0-120 feet per minute PLUS standard reversible action.

Accordion conveyors can expand to a minimum of 6′ and can be ordered to a maximum of 62′ (based on axle centers)

The price in certainly greater then a fixed frames conveyor system but I feel the options and benefits more then justify the additional cost.


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