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Rack Bin

It’s not often a new item comes along for rack systems. Quantum Storage Products has created a Rack bin. This bin is 42″ long and fits perfectly on a rack shelf.

This is great for bulk parts storage or pick systems. The bins are great for lower levels while you can still use the upper levels for pallet storage.

This is perfect for plumbing companies, electrical companies, clothing companies or any other company with a lot of similar stock.

The bins are stackable as well so you don’t have to spend a lot on beams.
 photo BinGY_SP.jpg

Call us for introductory prices on these bins otherwise you can go to and check them out in our bin store

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Aisle Shield

Aisle Shield is a revolutionary product which is a metal wire rack backing at the price of netting. The panels are easy to install with eyebolts and provide the protection necessary to meet insurance and OSHA requirements. Many businesses don’t realize the installation of backing can actually reduce insurance premiums and save money over time.

Aisle Shield photo 1-29-201311-01-06AM.jpg

Aisle Shield Rack Guard


You can download the brochure at:
 photo brochure.jpg
Visit for any other of your needs.

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Wire Deck Dividers

Wire deck dividers are a new product on the market manufactured by Wireway Husky. The dividers can be mounted the depth or the length of the shelf and can be mounted by a spring in clip or hang from the above deck.

The dividers can be used to separate products or be used as a back/front stop. All dividers are custom made so the length and heights suit each individuals needs.

The dividers are versatile enough that you could create a custom order picking bin built into your racks instead of buying expensive collasible wire baskets or you could create vertical cubbies for blue print tube storage and pipe storage.

The wire deck dividers can also act as a division for aisle shelves so that products on one side of the shelf doesn’t fall or get pushed onto the other side.

With Fire codes requiring wire decks over wood decks, these divider will give users more ways to customize their systems and provide a more efficient means of storage.





You can visit our direct product page at:

Pallet Jack Stop and Wedge Link




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Rack Guard


Rack Guard is a relatively new product to the material handling market. The more common backing people associate with racks are safety nets. Safety nets are a consumable item compared to rack guards as the safety nets are subject to tearing and expansion due to pressure.

Rack guard provides full protection of your products and the surrounding area. New OSHA requirements are calling for rack guards on racks located close to office structures as well as work areas.

Rack guards are also beneficial for back to back pallet rack sections. Normally one would use row spacers in order to space the racks far enough apart so the pallets wont touch, however if your forklift pushes a pallet to far you run the risk of damaging your merchandise on the fore pallet. With rack guards installed you not only protect the fore pallet but you protect any pallet from being pushed to far.

Rack guard installs easily on most existing racks and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying beam widths and beam spacing.  Rack guard also has special extension kits that allow for the panels to stick out above the top of the frames so your products on the top beams levels are protected as well.








You can visit our direct product page at:

Rack Guard Link



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Pick Wire Deck

Wire decks are a great alternative to wood decking and are becoming a standard with new fire codes. Wire decks work for racks against a wall or for racks where products are stacked high. Standard wire decks however are not idea for order picking.

Pick Wire on the other hand is a new product on the market that gives you the benefits of a flow system without the high costs associated with a roller flow system. Pick wire decks have a built in end stop and provide last in first out (LIFO) inventory control. Pick wire fits all standard racks and drop into step beams the same way as standard wire decks.

Pick wire decks are great for wholesale/retail warehouse chains that allow customers to shop for their own products as well as large hardware/home stores. The built in end stops not only keep your products on the shelves but they provide an ideal area to add shelf labels or bar codes.



Visit our direct product page at:

Pick Wire Link

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