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Aisle Shield

Aisle Shield is a revolutionary product which is a metal wire rack backing at the price of netting. The panels are easy to install with eyebolts and provide the protection necessary to meet insurance and OSHA requirements. Many businesses don’t realize the installation of backing can actually reduce insurance premiums and save money over time.

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Aisle Shield Rack Guard


You can download the brochure at:
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Rack Guard


Rack Guard is a relatively new product to the material handling market. The more common backing people associate with racks are safety nets. Safety nets are a consumable item compared to rack guards as the safety nets are subject to tearing and expansion due to pressure.

Rack guard provides full protection of your products and the surrounding area. New OSHA requirements are calling for rack guards on racks located close to office structures as well as work areas.

Rack guards are also beneficial for back to back pallet rack sections. Normally one would use row spacers in order to space the racks far enough apart so the pallets wont touch, however if your forklift pushes a pallet to far you run the risk of damaging your merchandise on the fore pallet. With rack guards installed you not only protect the fore pallet but you protect any pallet from being pushed to far.

Rack guard installs easily on most existing racks and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying beam widths and beam spacing.  Rack guard also has special extension kits that allow for the panels to stick out above the top of the frames so your products on the top beams levels are protected as well.








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